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We spent a day with Woodsman Bushcraft with the team, Barry and Ben were great, and really knew their stuff. The set up is brilliant, out of the way, all the facilities provided in a safe and Covid secure set up. Fire lighting, cooking our own lunch followed by some competitive axe throwing, finished the day off so well. Thanks guys, a different but thoroughly enjoyable day all round.


Ed Carter

Operations Manager – Grain LNG 
National Grid 


 Both Beau and I had a great day!
Ben and Barry were fantastic teachers and
extremely patient with our utter ineptness.  It must be painful for
them to watch someone cack-handedly attempt to do something which
they're so proficient in!  The day was
really well structured, not rushed and extremely informative.  Who
knew that there's a fungus that has something resembling chamoix in
it, and another which is like a gooey jelly!?  Mind blown.

The set-up in the woods is perfect and the fact that you used "what
three words" to define the gate on the road made getting there stress
free.  Putting that together with the warm
welcome from Ben at the gate and Barry in the parking area made it a
friendly and relaxed atmosphere right from the start.   The
encouragement and instruction was pitched just right
and everything was done in a very positive way.  My arms are aching
from trying to make fire, and I smell like a bonfire but I feel
refreshed and invigorated from a day spent in the

I can only imagine that all of the other courses will be just as
fantastic as today's so I will definitely be investigating others for
the future.  Woodsman Bushcraft has obviously been born out
of a real passion for all things outdoorsy, and that is glaringly
obvious and a pleasure to be part of.

I wish you all the very best and will highly recommend you to anyone
who will listen.

I did the fire craft skills day and it was extremely informative and fun learning new things about fire and nature. Ben and Barry are fantastic instructors, very knowledgable and welcoming.
I’d highly recommend their courses and I look forward to doing a spoon making day in the future.
Thank you both

Love these guys!
Beautiful setting, enthusiastic and knowledgable instructors. Can't wait to get back out there and dive deeper into their world.

This was a really great day. Lovely guys running it and I came out of it with a pretty decent spoon for a beginner. Nice woodland setting - it was good to spend the day outside making something surrounded by the sounds of the woods and some good banter. This was a present - a really good idea for one and not only will I be back, I’ll be giving it as a fun ‘experience present’ for others.

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