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Team Building


Our team building days offer unique opportunities for you and your colleagues to bond in an outdoor environment. The online meetings have kept everyone connected over the lockdown period but seeing each other face to face is the best way to build the relationships within your company. The Woodsman Bushcraft Team Building Days have been constructed over a number of years and have a proven record in enhancing working relationships.

Set in an 16 acre ancient broadleaf woodland and working together over a number of wilderness activities your staff will build a better understanding of their colleagues and a camaraderie together whilst discovering untapped skills. 

We have a variety of activities, some of which are included in the list below but we can cater for all individual needs 

  • Axe Throwing

  • Foraging

  • Fire making

  • Rope making - tug of war

  • Woodland crafts 

  • Woodland cooking

  • Shelter building

  • bow making

  • Tracking

  • plant ID

  • Tree ID

These team building days are bespoke for each individual company. We work with you to create the perfect day by giving you some options for activities. Please contact us for any more information

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