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Woodsman Bushcraft

Woodsman Bushcraft was founded to share our love of the outdoors and the skills that assist us in becoming immersed in the natural environment. It is our goal to share these skills and our environmental ethos so that others can learn to operate in the outdoors effectively and with minimal impact.

Traditional Living Skills are a set of skills that enabled our ancestors, recent or ancient, to live effectively in nature. A set of skills that have become lost to many. Woodsman Bushcraft understands the importance of these skills and the nature immersion which comes with practicing them is important for us all, we aim to provide supportive and inclusive classes that meet the needs of all the participants.

Clinton wood is situated within the Low Weald in Kent, a small ancient working woodland which is carpeted in bluebells throughout the spring. Wild garlic grows along the stream banks and roe deer visit frequently. The history of the wood dates back centuries although the evidence of its past use for ironworks is everywhere from the bay (clay dam) that still sits at the north end of the wood and the ponds which create an invaluable habitat for all sorts of amphibians including the elusive great crested newt. 


The woodland itself has standard oak and ash with a few choice species mixed in and an understory of hazel. The wood is a working woodland, there is charcoal production with two charcoal ovens. The hazel understory is coppiced to provide poles for hurdle making and pea sticks throughout the county. 


At Woodman Bushcraft our weekend bushcraft classes bring you closer to this piece of paradise under our instruction you leave here with new or improved skills you can use whenever you are enjoying the great outdoors.

Tracking Roe

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